Since 1938

Ole Nord-Varhaug started his own business in 1938. The letter G gradually came to be used to avoid confusion with someone else in the village who had the same name. To start with, Ole worked as a smith but started production of potato pickers under the Jærbu brand in the second half of the 1940s.

Although the company name is officially Ole G Nord-Varhaug & Co a.s, we’re known as Ole G. Today, we’re a vibrant company of around 15 employees, based at Varhaug in the Jæren district of south-west Norway.

We have traditionally been closely linked with production of agricultural technology. However, our solid expertise and central location have also brought us significant order volumes within the maritime sector, oil-related and land-based industry, with customers and deliveries both within Norway and abroad.

Our specialist areas are welding, plate work, pressing, rolling, cutting burner work, drilling and milling work, all carried out by highly skilled specialists. An extremely flexible and modern machinery fleet enables us to take on large and varied orders, everything from components of large dimensions to smaller series production runs.

Our biggest customers include Komatsu KVX LLC, Kverneland ASA and Rolls-Royce Marine.


Komatsu KVX LLC

Komatsu KVX LLC works with a number of partners offering specialist expertise, and Ole G Nord-Varhaug & Co is one of these. Carsten Bo Andersen, CEO of Komatsu KVX LLC, stresses that Ole G Nord-Varhaug & Co is a partner and not a supplier. Among other things, this has resulted in Ole G making significant investments in new technology so as to meet the needs of Komatsu KVX LLC.

Our strong suits

We have great capacity

The plate work and welding department covers an area of 1400 m2 and the machining department 900 m2. In addition, we have a fully robotised hardening facility, which uses a locally developed and world-famous hardening process. We have 550 m2 of indoor storage and a large outdoor steel store, ensuring good access to materials and storage space when needed for large-scale projects. As well as our own capacity, we work closely with 15 other local mechanical enterprises in Alloyance.

Flexibility – not much we have to say no to

There’s not much we have to say no to. Our versatile machinery fleet and experienced employees can handle most heavy plate work, welding and machining tasks. In collaboration with major customers, we’ve also invested in robot facilities for series production and hardening. We use the unique and world-famous hardening process developed by Kverneland AS, something that for several decades has given locally manufactured agricultural equipment a good reputation around the world.

Focus on quality

Long experience and a focus on quality have also enabled us to suggest product improvements for our customers, often making the products both stronger and more reasonably priced. This is something our customers appreciate.

Alloyance member

Although we’re a relatively small business, we can take on large orders through Alloyance, a close collaboration of 16 advanced mechanical enterprises in our local area. And on the flip side, we’re used to being a subcontractor to other mechanical enterprises.