Turning with guided face plate

The D’Andrea guided face plate allows us to turn solutions using cones and radii.

Large dimensions

Large dimensions are one of our specialities. These structures are used offshore and are among the larger products we handle.

On the right wavelength

This component for a tidal power station is a good example of close collaboration. Another mechanical enterprise had main responsibility for the delivery but we were in charge of machining one of the biggest components.

Large capacity

Large dimensions are our daily fare. Cable drums of this size are nothing unusual in the offshore industry.

High-spec challenges

We’re passionate about finding solutions. To produce this component, we had to invest in specialist equipment.


Back-planing of a large flange

The Juaristi MX7 in action turning and milling large parts.

Milling of fine cuts on plinth

The Juaristi MX7 in action turning and milling large parts.


Good welding capacity

We weld and put together components that do not require specific certifications. In the case of certification requirements beyond what we can offer, we call on our network of local, highly-skilled partners.

Challenging plate work

This segment has been bent in our hydraulic press. The plate is 60 mm thick, demanding extreme precision from the operator.

Cutting robot

Severt in action.

Series production

Production runs large and small

We’re well equipped for series production, and produce excavator teeth for the Komatsu KVX LLC on an ongoing basis.

Wide spread

Jærbu fertiliser pumps are our proprietary product. The picture shows series-produced valve housings for the fertiliser pumps.

Cost-effective and precise series production

Our robotised production lines are ideal for series production of a whole range of components.